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Why Choosing the Right AC Spare Part Dealer in Chennai is Crucial for Your Comfort

Techno Power Aircons is one of the best ac dealer in Chennai for all major air conditioner spare parts suppliers.. They have a wide range of spare parts for all types of air conditioners. You can contact them for any air conditioner spare parts you need. They have a wide range of spare parts for all types of air conditioners. You can contact them for any air conditioner spare parts you need. They are one of the best ac spare part dealers in Chennai, and you can contact them to get the best deals on ac spare parts.

It is essential for facility maintenance leaders and workers to comprehend how various components of the AC work. Learning and understanding the ac spare parts would help maintain your system correctly. Moreover, you would be able to fix and maintain your order by saving you Time and Money on inconvenient downtime. With ac spare parts, you can minimize performance disruption and decrease carrying costs. Let’s glance at the various components of efficient spare part management.

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Filters for the Air

Air filters are usually one of the most ignored spares of an air conditioning unit. To keep a tab on air conditioner spare parts prices, facility managers often tend to forget the significance of this spare part. Always keep in mind that air filters are more than just cardboard boxes filled with fibers. To be precise, air filters affect various components of the performance of the AC.

Keeping air filters clean can increase the overall power efficiency of the AC. A clogged air filter is also the main reason for various air-borne illnesses. It reduces airflow and the cooling efficiency of the system.

Handle Capacitors Carefully

It is critical to recognize that not all capacitors are created equal. Any AC would need capacitors for effective functioning. Often it has been seen that air conditioner replacement parts in the form of capacitors are not widely available. Hence, it would be worthwhile to keep them as spares for the effective maintenance of the AC unit. It is also difficult to determine which capacitor is ideal for your AC unit. Typically, the capacitance value of the capacitor is determined by the size of the motor.

Capacitors play a crucial role in the overall functioning of the AC unit. They provide the much-necessary starting torque, which improves the motor’s efficiency. At the same time, the capacitor’s quality is also critical to the cooling ability of the AC. For instance, using a defective capacitor can seriously damage AC’s operating functions. During power surges, your AC wouldn’t be able to handle the voltage fluctuations properly.

Use of Quality-Tested Fuses

The fuses in your AC system can blow when there is a fault in the main supply line. Thus, replacing them from time to time is of utmost importance. Fuse in your AC system protects the whole unit from short-circuits and inconsistent power loads.

So while embarking on AC maintenance activities, always buy fuses from certified spare part sellers. Moreover, the fuses should be quality tested and carry the certification marks from testing agencies. With spare fuses, you can address any emergency issue in a short period.


The outdoor unit of your AC unit is referred to as a compressor. For many experts, the compressor is the heart of your air conditioner. The compressor is responsible for taking in the heat of the air for adequate ventilation. In most cases, the compressor forms the bulk of the AC replacement parts. There is no denying that the compressor is a complex mechanism that should be checked and maintained every few months.


The working mechanism of your AC unit and thermostat is usually intertwined. The thermostat gets triggered when the air temperature gets too hot or cold. During the maintenance of an air conditioning unit, it is imperative to assess the overall condition of the thermostat. Some ACs comprise more than one thermostat. In most cases, a thermostat is installed preprogrammed so that the users don’t face any issues.

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The air conditioner spare parts ensure the proper maintenance of the overall AC unit. The best spare parts would increase the longevity of the air conditioning system.

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